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We help dentists to get the most out of their finance. Partner with us and see how we can help you grow your wealth.

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What our Doctors say about us

  • I have been with Harley Street Accountants for over 4 years & can say that they have become more than just accountants to me.

    Helping not just with my accounting and tax matters, but building a strategy and growth plan for me.

    I highly recommend them to other medical professionals.

    Dr. Neel Reddy
    A & E Consultant, NHS

  • I wanted to create passive income for me whilst working in my day job. I get monthly reports and attend management meetings on the developments.

    It’s great learning about property.

    Dr Sunil
    A & E Consultant/ Doctor, NHS

  • It’s been great creating a property development strategy. I have been with HSP for the past 4 years now.

    I would highly recommened their services.

    Dr Akinni
    A & E Doctor, NHS


We offer two flexible options to our investors to profit from their investments

1. Fixed Rate Option

Earn a return from 8% to 14% per annum

12 Months Initial term

3 Months withdrawal notice

Invest from £5000 onwards

Earn upto 100% return

We identify the properties with real potential

We purchase the properties jointly in a limited company "SPV1"

Realise significant capital gain and return the investments and profits to the investors

2. Joint Venture Option

Our Process


Identify properties with real potential

We will identify suitable properties, get our audit team of Solicitors, Architect, Surveyor, Development manager, Risk Manager, Sale Team, letting leam Analyse the property and present to the board to accept or reject.


Purchase in Joint Ventures with equity investors

Negotiate a discounted price, with the end in mind. Offer the investment to joint venture partners and raise the funds.


Form a joint limited company (SPV)

Where everyone has ownership/ security over the investment purchased and joins the board to receive weekly or monthly reports on the progress.


Realise a significant Capital gain and return capital to investors

All the investor receive their capital investments back with the profits made on the development as per the JV agreement signed at the start of the development in step 2.


Maximise efficiency by pre-selling/letting properties and collecting payments in advance

Depending on the development we would try and pre sell the development to the buyer and exchange via our appointed solicitors.


Maximise value through refurbishment and development

At step one the buying analysis will have produced a clear report on the process to be followed to develop the property to achieve its true potential and live up to our own high standard of ‘creating a home that we would be happy to live in’.

"Our Commitment to you..."

Outstanding Returns

Receive upto 100% return depending upon the investment options and the amount of investment

Track Record

Management Team with over 50 years of combined experience in the Uk residental property market

Flexible Exit Options

All you need to do is give 90 days notice in writing at any time should you need to exit before the end of the term

Strategic Locations

All within walking distance of a Crossrail Station, predict to experience growth of up to 40% by 2020

Asset Backed

Your investment is asset-backed and secured against the development properties

Low Entry Level

You can choose to invest  from as low as £5,000 with no maximum limit. 

Why Partner with us?

Truly Passive Income

You just need to fund the project and sit back relax, we do all the hard work for you.

Beat the Banks

We want to make sure your hard earned savings work for you, so why keep money in the bank when you can actually invest and grow your funds

Go on Holiday

We would like to help you create more time and freedom for yourself and your family


Location: East London

  • Purchase Price: £800,000
  • Total Costs: £3,000,000
  • GDV: £8,000,000
  • Expected Profit: £5,000,000
  • ROI: 166%

Location: Colchester, Essex

  • Purchase Price: £625,000
  • Total Costs: £1,075,000
  • GDV: £1,575,000
  • Expected Profit: £500,000
  • ROI: 46.5%

Location: North London

  • Purchase Price: £250,000
  • Total Costs: £415,000
  • GDV: £600,000
  • Expected Profit: £185,000
  • ROI: 44.5%

Truly creating wealth and financial freedom for our partners

If your aim is to develop residential property or creating wealth to achieve financial, then not only can we identify the best projects, but we also join with you in your new venture as a Joint Venture Partner. This allows you to work along-side us all the way through the development process enjoying and benefiting at every stage from our experience and contacts through the development.
London & the South East has been a very successful area of business in the past, not only for the companies, but also private individuals looking to benefit from the great opportunities. We joint venture with clients who tend to be limited on time. It’s a great business model; enabling you to accelerate quickly up the property ladder. We also offer ‘turn-key’ opportunities, i.e. where you buy the property and leave us to manage the rest of the process in order to achieve their desired plan, while sharing the profits along the way.
Our Partnership Scheme enables us to partner with like-minded property investors. We have developed a production line business model for buying, renovating, letting and selling high yield property.
The Joint Venture Partner receives up to 50% of the profit and Harley Street Property 50%.

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Risk Warnings

Harley Street Property is not authorised and regulated by the FCA and clients who proceed to invest will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman service or the financial services compensation scheme. The content of this website has not been approved by an authorised person and reliance on it may expose the investor to significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested.

Harley Street Property is only seeking investment from the high net worth clients. To view the available investment documents, you are required to complete a Self-Certification form to confirm you are either a high net worth or a sophisticated investor.