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Investment Options – Harley Street Property


We have both Fixed rate and Joint Venture options for our clients to earn more wealth

We offer two flexible options to our investors to profit from their investments

1. Fixed Rate Option

Earn a return from 8% to 14% per annum

12 Months Initial term

3 Months withdrawal notice

Invest from £5000 onwards

Earn upto 100% return

We identify the properties with real potential

We purchase the properties jointly in a limited company "SPV1"

Realise significant capital gain and return the investments and profits to the investors

2. Joint Venture Option

"Our Commitment to you..."

Outstanding Returns

Receive upto 100% return depending upon the investment options and the amount of investment

Track Record

Management Team with over 50 years of combined experience in the Uk residental property market

Flexible Exit Options

All you need to do is give 90 days notice in writing at any time should you need to exit before the end of the term

Strategic Locations

All within walking distance of a Crossrail Station, predict to experience growth of up to 40% by 2020

Asset Backed

Your investment is asset-backed and secured against the development properties

Low Entry Level

You can choose to invest  from as low as £5,000 with no maximum limit. 

Why Partner with us?

Truly Passive Income

You just need to fund the project and sit back relax, we do all the hard work for you.

Beat the Banks

We want to make sure your hard earned savings work for you, so why keep money in the bank when you can actually invest and grow your funds

Go on Holiday

We would like to help you create more time and freedom for yourself and your family

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Invest from your company
funds or as an individual.

Please contact us to know more.

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We only deal With High Networth or
Sophisticated Investor,as defined by the FCA
under the financial services and Market acts 2000(FSMA)

Before discussing investments we will ask
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