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Joint Venture

Truly creating wealth and financial freedom for our partners

Joint Venture Partnership - Our Process Flow


Identify properties with real potential

We will identify suitable properties, get our audit team of Solicitors, Architect, Surveyor, Development manager, Risk Manager, Sale Team, letting leam Analyse the property and present to the board to accept or reject.


Purchase in Joint Ventures with equity investors

Negotiate a discounted price, with the end in mind. Offer the investment to joint venture partners and raise the funds.


Form a joint limited company (SPV)

Where everyone has ownership/ security over the investment purchased and joins the board to receive weekly or monthly reports on the progress.


Realise a significant Capital gain and return capital to investors

All the investor receive their capital investments back with the profits made on the development as per the JV agreement signed at the start of the development in step 2.


Maximise efficiency by pre-selling/letting properties and collecting payments in advance

Depending on the development we would try and pre sell the development to the buyer and exchange via our appointed solicitors.


Maximise value through refurbishment and development

At step one the buying analysis will have produced a clear report on the process to be followed to develop the property to achieve its true potential and live up to our own high standard of ‘creating a home that we would be happy to live in’.

Make money through our Partnership Scheme

Whether you are an armchair investor who wants a great monthly or annual return, or someone who wants to leverage your money with our time and experience for outstanding results, our proven track record of money-making strategies works in ANY property market condition.

This is an outstanding opportunity to build your future wealth with Harley Street Property. You should contact us if any of the following apply:

  • You need a high return for a low risk.
  • You want to invest with professionals who have a proven track record.
  • You are a serious investor who needs new deals in property.
  • You need to work with people who have strategies that work in all market conditions
  • You need to discover easier ways to make money from property
  • You need extra monthly income from your savings
  • You want projects available for immediate start. 

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